Gecko Tech Co. was founded by people like you who had grown sick of the norm.

Of the flood of products made quickly and with a tonne of plastic, and of the culture of buying because it is convenient, with no other thought of the consequences.

We came to disrupt that culture.

What if a company existed that you could rely on to make sustainable decisions?

What if by buying a product you were certain that you were contributing to a changing mindset?

And so, Gecko Tech Co. came to fruition.

We only sell products that are primarily bamboo or natural in material. Wherever we can, we choose sustainability. What’s more, 5% of all sales is donated straight to organisations working in sustainable bamboo and environmental causes.

We provide the same convenience as your favourite online marketplace, with high-quality products and fast shipping times, only this time your custom is supporting the leading charge for change.

By spending with us, you are reducing the demand for unsustainable
products elsewhere.

We know this isn’t the whole solution yet, but it’s a darn good start.