Our Pledge

Leading by example: Your support helps us to complete beach and street cleans.

As self-appointed ambassadors for this beautiful world, we have made a pledge to contribute whatever time and resources we can in a positive way. 

 Appallingly, the oceans are home to an estimated 5 trillion pieces of floating plastic. This continues to increase with approximately 350 million tonnes of plastic produced each year*. 

 Although our primary objective is to reduce waste in the first place by providing responsible alternatives, we feel an obligation to help clear up the misplaced waste causing harm and mess in our local natural world. 

 Your support covers the expenses we incur by organising monthly beach and street cleans in our local area of Devon, UK. It is our bold ambition to grow our litter clean ups into a regular event that attracts groups of volunteers gathering across multiple sites to do their bit for ecology. If you are someone who would be willing to partner with us and a host a beach or street clean in your area, we want to hear from you. Email us at hello@nakedgecko.co.uk and we’ll talk rubbish. 

 You can view our progress trackers below as we record the positive impact we have made as a community. We also plan to produce short films of our clean ups so that you can see the difference you have made for yourself. They’ll be made available to watch on our YouTube and Instagram pages, so be sure to follow us! 

 Help us do something good. 

 All the very best, 
 The Naked Gecko Team. 

 *figures provided by Plastic Oceans.   





^ Help us to get these numbers moving!

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