Our Story

It all started with a degree. Three young students met through mutual friends, bonds formed quickly and the rest is history. Adventures were had and memories were made, but there was always an inkling of bigger things to come. 

What we know today as Naked Gecko was founded in the Spring of 2020 by this trio of like-minded and passionate comrades. Originally Gecko Tech, the business grew from humble beginnings, forever bolstered by our ambitious plans for the future.

We were motivated by the roaring cries of our generation to curb our world-ending levels of consumption. Cries that, for reasons beyond our understanding, were not being recognised. Not deterred, we started scheming. 

Naked Gecko stands on the principle that high quality products need replacing less. Not only that, but if these products were also environmentally responsible, then when they did need throwing out they would avoid contributing to waste and pollution. 

With our collections of products made with natural materials and biodegradable properties wherever possible, we endeavour to replace as many damaging sources of waste from the home and commute as we can. Instead, our customers’ lives will be filled with products that not only last a long time, but bring them joy and go easy on the Planet as well. 

Alone we don’t stand a chance, but as a community we are powerful beyond measure. Before you leave, consider joining the leading charge for change by telling your friends about us, signing up to our newsletter, or finding us on social media. Your support means a great deal to us.

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