Reusable Laundry Egg Refills - 50 Washes

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Laundry Egg Refill Pellets only. Does not include Reusable Laundry Egg. 

If you switch from liquid detergent and fabric conditioner to a Laundry Egg you will save up to 40* bottles of plastic each year. (*Based on 7 washes a week and 18 wash bottles.)

- Includes: mineral pellets equivalent to 50 washes

- Replace laundry detergents and fabric conditioner

- Clean clothes without harsh chemical

- No harmful chemicals, just natural minerals

- Hypoallergenic; accredited Allergy UK

- Reusable, you just need to buy the refills!

- Vegan

- Sustainable

- Suitable for all washing machines and handwashing. Use with temperature ranges of 15 degrees up to 60 degrees. 

Ingredients: 5-15% anionic surfactants, 15-30% non-ionic surfactants. Contains perfume. 

Subscribe and Save - our subscription system is launching soon to offer you refills at discounted prices. 

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